• Chios Mastiha Oil & Chios Mastiha Water

  • Natural Bioflavonoids from Kitro and Aloe

  • Polyphenols and vitamins A, E from the Super fruit plum Kakadu

  • Natural moisturizers

Cream with Mastic & Bioflavonoids from Citrus and Aloe.
Moisturizing, detoxifying, sebum regulating and cleansing cream for oily and mixed skins Strong multi-action cream for oily and mixed skins.

Contains: Chios Mastic Oil & Chios Mastiha Water, Natural Bioflavonoids from Keto and Aloe, Polyphenols and Vitamins A, E from Super Fruit Plum Kakadu and Natural Moisturizing Factors.
Action: Moisturizes, regulates greasy, cleanses and reduces dandruff skin pores while protecting against oxidative stress, giving a beautiful, bright and youthful skin.
Usage: Apply the cream to the face by gentle massage until it is fully absorbed.