• Mastic Oil & Chios Mastc Water

  • avocado and argangan oils

  • ceramides

  • peptide

  • ualuronic acid

  • Ayurvedic herb extract of Indian gentian

Night Cream with Mastic, Avocado, Phytosterols & Biopeptide
Anti-aging, Nutritive, Reconstructive and Enough cream for all skin types. Innovative anti-aging mechanism via stem cells and peptides.
Action: It drastically reduces the length and depth of wrinkles by regulating progesterone, a protein that contributes to cellular aging. It restores the relaxation of the skin and increases its elasticity. It nourishes ω-3, ω-6 fatty acids and renews the skin through the activation of stem cells. Moisturizes and gives shine and firmness to the skin.

Use: Apply the cream at night to your face with gentle massage until fully absorbed.